"Miss Hamermesh has the power one always finds in a good realist painter of welding colour and draughtmanship into an inseperable unity. In these pictures colour creates the form as much as drawing - it is the use of colour which pushes limbs into their proper relationship to each other, which demonstrates the exact angle at which the model's head is being held. In fact, in a series of tiny, sparkiling studies, colour is nearly everything. The breadth and sureness crammed into these minute spaces is astonishing - and the pictures must be some of the most satisfying objects the collection currently on view in London."

  Edward Lucie-Smith in The Arts Review March 25  

View a slideshow of Mira's art.

"Hamermesh trained at the Slade school under Josef Herman and established herself as a figurative painter of repute. with a major exhibition at the Brook Gallery in the 1970s."

Emma Klein, The Times Review

Mira Hamermesh continues to paint, draw and illustrate prolifically, a selection of reproductions of her work will be available to order soon. If you would like to express an interest in ordering a reproduction, or for further information, please get in touch here. View a slideshow of Mira's art here.