For Channel 4
Director/Writer: Mira Hamermesh Producer: Christian Wrangler
Shot in South Africa, the subtly understated Maids and Madams examines the tragedy of apartheid through the emotional relationship between the black household worker and white employer. This domestic situation is a microcosm of the racial issues that are dividing the country. Apartheid begins at home, where white-aproned black maids tend the children of their white madams while their own children stay neglected, jealous and without prospects in crumbling, remote townships.  
  The oppression of blacks in South Africa has been explored from many angles: Marxist class struggle, colonial racism and, of course, human rights. Maids and Madams links the wider issue of racism to that of sexism. Mira Hamermesh applied to the South African Embassy for a work permit but was refused so she decided to travel there as a tourist and make the film secretly using local film crews..  
52 Mins
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